20 Chalkboard Menu Board Ideas

There are so many excellent advantages to using chalkboard displays for your business.  Chalkboard displays are visible and extremely flexible to advertise your services and products.  You can display them on tables in your restaurant, on walls, in front of your shop for passers-by to learn what you are offering and when you have specials going on.  In this post, we will be focusing mostly on restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops but chalkboard displays can be effectively used for just about any industry and at home.
So here are our 20 Chalkboard Menu Board Ideas:

1.       Create Visibility
In this day and age, most people are drawn to images and graphics more than just text.  Create interesting graphics that will draw people's attention when they pass by your chalkboard menu board design. This is the biggest tip on how to write chalkboard menu designs.
People love colours and different colours express different feelings that can represent your products or services on a higher scale.  Select your colours carefully to entice customers and potential customers.  If it's 35° and humid outside, you do not want to use warm colours such as red and yellow!  It's been known for many years that colours affect emotions so first and foremost learn about colours and how to use them in the best way. 
3.       Let Your Shop Shine
Create a lasting impression about your service using chalkboard.  This popular coffee shop décor design will increase traffic to your service including returning customers and new customers.
4.       Advertise Your Product
Chalkboards are perfect to allow readers to understand what you have to offer.  If drawing is something you are not good at but you can write, then use short, to-the-point text that grabs your customers' attention.  Potential customers are more likely to stop by if they know who and what you are.

Introducing a chalkboard into your point of sale marketing strategy can help improve sales through last minute purchasing decisions. Be sure to promote smaller, inexpensive products which your customers won’t have to think to long about purchasing.
6.       Street Signs
High-traffic areas that are nearby your restaurant or cafe are the perfect locations for placing your chalkboard signs.  You can direct and invite people to your location with cleaver graphics and appealing text.  There will also be people that won't take you up on stopping by at this time but might surprise you by showing up later on.
7.       Promote Sales
Whether an up and coming sale or a sale that is now on, advertising will catch people's eyes and encourage them to check it out.   The sky's the limit for getting people in your doors.
8.       Promote Your Happy Hour
If you have a special going on, people passing by your establishment are going to take notice.  Putting together a good chalkboard menu design can make all the difference. With the right graphics and words, you can draw people into your bar or pub.  You will be enticing their thirst for a drink and may sit down and order a meal.

9.       Wall Mounted Your Menu
Wall mounts take up very little space and are great choices for highlighting your menu.  As people enter, their eyes will naturally be drawn to these signs.  Wall mounts are very popular with restaurants, cafes, and pubs! Coming up with some chalkboard menu board ideas is not difficult, just write down some thoughts that will help you come up with the perfect chalkboard menu board design that will work best.
Writing daily affirmations for yourself or for someone special is a creative and thoughtful way to use chalkboards.
Chalkboards are a popular addition to birthday parties. Write a welcome message, use as a photography prop, or write up fun activities.
Blackboards are becoming increasingly popular at weddings to welcome guests, direct to the bar or bathroom, or write down a special message.

Write down important details about your event and promote in a busy area. This will increase awareness and improve attendance. Make sure to include booking information in your message.
Make passers-by smile with a quirky quote or message. Be sure that your message is somehow relevant to your brand. You don’t want you message to be misleading.
Advertise what daily specials. Promoting your exclusive and limited-time products will make passers-by make a quick decision to visit your business.
Avoid confusing guests by telling them exactly where they are seated for an event, show, conference. Displaying attendee’s names and table arrangements will help to prevent people sitting in other’s places.

Keep on track of your personal, professional or community goals. A planner for your staff or customers provides insight into your business and can demonstrate how close your business or customers are to reaching a goal.
Direct patrons in the right course with a chalkboard. Where is the restaurant courtyard? This way! This avoids customers getting lost or confused, resulting in a better customer experience.
Portable boards make a great display for jotting down team and game strategies.
Get passer-by hungry by promoting your menu outside your restaurant. These coffee shop menu ideas also help customers to understand your offerings better and reduces time taken to order once seated.

Chalkboards are one of the very best ways to advertise your business and will not cost you a great deal of money because it's free advertisement that will draw people to your doors.  It is not difficult to learn how to write a coffee shop menu design!  All you need is incorporate information about your establishment, what message you are trying to convey, what's on your menu to entice customers, and an unyielding belief that your restaurant, cafe, or coffee shop pub offers the very best!


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