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Weight bags: Features and Uses

Weight bags: Features and Uses Need to stabilize your signage? Or fasten down outdoor furniture? But want something that’s non-permanent? We have the solution, weight bags! Weight bags are a great way to secure down many different forms of signage and furniture to not only protect your displays, but your customers as well. We have collated a few ways to use the weighted bags, along with the benefits they offer. 1.     Multiple uses A weight bag, is one of the simplest, yet most effective method of anchoring any non-permanent structure in areas of high wind or heavy traffic. From busy sidewalks, alfresco cafe areas to school fetes, here are some of the ways our weight bags can be the difference between successful signage or a disaster:           Secure outdoor umbrellas, keeping them from blowing away in windy weather conditions.           Keep café barriers in place, sectioning off public areas from private.           Stop A-boards being knocked over in high traffi

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