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Drive Up & Entice Customers with a Retail Counter

Incorporating a retail counter is an integral component of business success.  This is where shoppers become customers and will give you the opportunity to increase sales.  If you commit to setting up a retail counter, it will be one of the most beneficial decisions you will make.
Choosing the Right Merchandise:
Your point-of-sale merchandise must be small, easy to look through, and affordable.  This will enable your customers to pick up several of these smaller items and add them to their shopping carts without questioning the purchase.  Merchandise can be many different things such as accessories if you sell clothing or items that most customers overlook but need and this counter will remind them. 
Keep in mind, these items must be quite reasonable in price so your customers do not have to spend time trying to make a decision.  On average, $5 is a good starting price for these items.  Also, you can easily test different prices until you hit an amount that seems a good deal to customers…

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