How The Right Point of Sale Display Can Increase Sales

To increase retail sales many shops are looking for ways to improve the design of their point of sale (POS) area. This provides you with one more chance to promote your products and entice customers to make last minute purchases. To increase your ROI, you can implement the following suggestions to create the most effective POS displays:

Queue & Point of Sale System
Giving your customers a positive experience while waiting to check out should start when they first get in line. This is a great place to keep their focus on your products and brand. You can engage them with products while providing additional information using product holder accessories and brochure holders placed on barrier posts. Setting up poster stands alongside your queue and POS system gives you a chance to promote and display current offers and sale prices, which will motivate customers to buy more.

Size of Retail Countertop
In a retail store it is important to have a point of sale countertop large enough to hold the merchandise your customers are purchasing and any other items they may be carrying. If you already have a built-in counter, you might want to set up displays that will allow you to clear off your countertop for more space. To avoid your POS register system crowding your countertop, you can use desk raisers, monitor stands or iPad stands. This can make your customers’ purchasing experience a whole lot more pleasant. To free up even more counter space use acrylic bakery bins and product shelves to store items vertically.

Displaying Your Products
To inspire last minute impulse buying, you can stock items that customers typically want or need close to the register. In fact, this is what you should be focusing on in the area where your point of sale is situated. To ensure that your product display encourages sales, you should consider doing the following:
1.       Place your display where customers can easily notice and gain access on your countertop. This is where you can place displayshelves filled with enticing products that customers can easily grab right before reaching the register.

2.       Think carefully about what products are selected for the display. You will want your display to hold small, inexpensive items that customers will likely buy without giving it too much thought. Select items people typically use everyday, or things that customers need. For example, if you sell women’s clothing and accessories, display sun hats during the hot summer months and umbrellas during the rainy season.

Posters & Signs with Offers
When customers are up at the counter ready to pay for their items they are in no mood to be upsold with a long drawn-out sales pitch. This is where posters and signs can make the pitch for you. There are a number of ways you can do this: with counter signs, freestanding poster holders, hanging posters and/or wall-mounted poster holders.
Posters and signs can spell out any sales, current promotions, loyalty rewards or offers you are currently making. You can also use them to inform your customers of the benefits of a given product. For example, a poster above the umbrella display might read, “Rain expected later this week. Grab an umbrella for just $4.99.”
Implementing these suggestions can enhance your customer experience while motivating them to make additional purchases, giving you an increase in sales.


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