Paper Sizes: A4 - A0... & Then Some!

If you work in retail, or print, or are a graphic designer, you probably know by heart all the most common paper sizes for your region. In Australia, it's all about the "A"s - A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 & A0 are probably those that you have imprinted in your brain if you have worked with them enough over the years.

A-Series paper sizes

But occasionally you come across a poster or job that doesn't fit any of the standard molds. Maybe it's a display product or design that has been created in another part of the world, or maybe it's just that some paper nerd has got tricky with their specifying. Regardless, it's good to have a reliable paper information source bookmarked so you can squash any confusion without your wasting time trawling the net for answers.

Well, I've come across the very site that you're looking for! It's called Paper Sizes (duh!) and it has more information all those standard paper sizes than you ever thought possible. So the next time you come across a B8, a C3 or something as confusing as a G5 Swedish Extension or Old English Double Elephant (!), don't smash your face against your keyboard in frustration... just head to And while your there you can even study up the history of paper, and within no time you will be that paper nerd, frustrating designers and printers everywhere with your obscure specifications. Won't that be great!

And although you probably never will need to reference the Old English size of "Double Elephant", you just never know...

Old English paper sizes


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