Big Signs, Small Signs

To date Slimline Warehouse has limited it's light box range to slimline fluorescent and LED models. That may change in the future, but until then if you are interested in a traditional fluorescent light box our partner sign company, CS & G Signage, might be able to help you. For large jobs such as the Quest apartments pictured below we offer a nation wide service, while for smaller one-off jobs we're restricted to jobs in the Melbourne area:

This is the new Quest apartments in Albury. CS & G supplied the pylon sign at the front and the large light box on the façade, as well as all the internal and reception signage

Here's another view of the corner of the building showing both the fluorescent back lit light boxes we installed

This is not one of the light boxes pictured above but does give an idea of the type and quality of work that is put out by the CS & G factory

If you have a signage or light box project in the Melbourne area give CS & G Signage a call on (03) 9359 9144.


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