Coles Rejuvenates it's Retail

When Westfarmers took over the struggling Coles Supermarkets a while back it was always going to be interesting, not if, but how they would reverse the fortunes of the retailer. Specifically, from a retail display perspective, I wondered exactly what in-store tactics they would use to achieve the repositioning.

Now that annual growth rates have been reported at 7.3% and the transformation has begun, it's a good time to look at exactly what changes have been made.

Features of the new store formats include wider, less confronting security barriers, fresh flowers at the store entrance, lower shelving, aisles appear wider, floors are clean and clutter-free, lights are brighter and pricing is clearer. It's all evidence of the concerted effort the store is making to differentiate itself from other retailers.

There is a really interesting article on Kevin Moore's retail blog that goes deeper into the specifics of the makeover. You can read it here.


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