The Benefits of LED Lettering

As I've mentioned Slimline Warehouse are soon to be launching a range of LED Architectural Lettering. The popularity of LED lighting is gaining momentum - and with good reason!

There are a great number of benefits for using or switching to LED lighting for illuminated lettering, signage and fabricated letters. But "What are they?" I hear you ask. Well, read on:

  • Energy Efficiency - LEDs can offer up to 80% energy saving compared to neon.
  • Ease of Wiring - at only 12v, wiring is relatively simple and also there is no need to outsource the fitting to an electrician.
  • Maintenance - most LEDs guarantee at least five years continuous usage reducing maintenance costs.
  • Intricate letter designs with shallow returns, or serif style fonts are now completely achievable
  • Handling - LEDs can be shipped in roll form with minimal packaging, as opposed to neon that is all too fragile.
  • Installation - “peel and stick” methods allow for quick and easy installation, potentially saving small fortunes in specialist labour and plant hire costs.
  • No chance of “black out” - all out lighting failure is a thing of the past as if an LED module fails, the remainder of the LEDs simply stay on, without any noticeable deterioration of lighting coverage.
  • Colour Control - is far greater with LEDs, typically allowing control over colour changing, fading and sequencing to create the ultimate effect.

So there you have it: a very brief explanation as to why LEDs are gaining more and more popularity as each day goes by.

Watch this space for more info on this great new product!


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