What Makes a Good Logo?

Have you ever thought of redesigning your logo?

Your logo is one thing that everyone who has anything to do with your company will see. That's why it's critical that it reflects what your core operations and values of your business. A cheap looking logo makes you look... well... cheap.

But what makes an effective logo? I found a great article by a graphic designer named Jacob Cass that sums it up in five well illustrated points:

If you're wondering whether your logo stacks up, or are looking for some tips for redesigning this most critical element of your branding, you should really take a read. check out the rest of the article here.


  1. Logo design is considered as the main tool, which gives the first impression of a business.A quality and eye-catching logo can tell more about your services / products better than a few lines of writings. Keep bl;ogging and tahnsk for sharing such a good and informative article.

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