The rise of the "Retail Brand"

There's an article over on the Smart Company website by Kevin Moore, who suggests that retailers should make the most of the economic downturn by focusing on brand consolidation as a longer term survival strategy. He goes on to cite four key drivers that he sees as critical in developing a credible and popular retail brand

Consolidation - fewer but larger retailers; fewer manufacturers with less brands and stock keeping units (SKUs) in store.
Point of difference - creating a unique product offering and experience for shoppers.
In-store theatre - wowing shoppers with interactive displays and point of sale, wooing them to part with their cash.
Productivity - spinning inventory faster and cutting unproductive hours without affecting the customer experience. Retail must remain "all about the shopper".
Interesting. Looks good on paper - What do you think?
You can read the rest of the article here.

You'd have to say that the Apple retail destinations are a perfect example of the ideas that Kevin is putting forward.


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