Doom or Boom?

Despite the media's continual focus on economic doom and gloom there's at least one big guy in retails who's feeling positive. And let's face it, Gerry Harvey has more at stake than most. In a recent interview Gerry gave his opinion that the world is just around the corner from the biggest boom in it's history:

Retail king Gerry Harvey has dismissed concerns that the Australian economy could be headed for “Armageddon” or a repeat of the Great Depression, and has instead claimed the world economy is just around the corner from a boom.

“I think we’re on the verge of the greatest boom that mankind has ever seen,” Harvey has declared in an interview with ABC Television’s Four Corners program.

“There is much money being printed… in a lot of the countries in the world, the wealthy countries [and] interest rates are coming down in most of those places between 0% and 2% – there’s this huge amount of money.

“It’s just a matter of we’ve just got to go through a little bit of a period, and then away we go.”

While economists argue that the fallout of from the global financial crisis is likely to send Australia’s economy into recession and limit economic growth for at least 18 months, Harvey claims Australia is in a far stronger position than stalling economies such as Britain or the United States.


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