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8 Tips for Preparing a Retail Store for Christmas

There is no doubt that December is the busiest period for retailers. In 2018, Australian’s spend $26.2 billion dollars on Christmas shopping and gifts. As the busiest time of year fast approaches, here are our 8 tips for preparing a retail store for Christmas.

1.Act Early.
Christmas is a stressful time of year for retailers, and the last thing any store owner needs to worry about it preparing their in-store design and Christmas decorations at the last minute. The most successful in-store layouts are the ones that are planned early. You may think it crazy to start planning your Christmas visual merchandising in October, but you’ll thank yourself in December.

2.Plan your Window Display.
Everyone loves a Christmas window display. Whether you are located in a shopping centre, a busy street or a quiet nook, providing passers-by with a summary of your store offerings whilst also joining in the spirit of Christmas is very advantageous.  Showing off your new or popular products that make great Ch…

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