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Counter Acrylic Displays vs. Glass Displays

If you are looking for high-quality counter display cases for your business or shop, you have probably compared small acrylic displays vs glass displays. Two major differences between acrylic and glass sheets, acrylics are a great deal more affordable, a great deal safer, and have many other positive features:
Stronger Durability:
Over time, glass will start to weaken and eventually crack where small acrylic display cases have a greater resilience against impact and can bear its weight for a much longer period of time. Acrylic injection molded displays are unlikely to crack, chip or break from heavy use.
Acrylic Is Safer:
No matter how thick or strong glass is, if it is accidentally hit or dropped, it will shatter.  Glass display cases are not good choices for high-traffic areas, unlike acrylic which will not break.  Also, should your glass display shatter or break, people could be placed in harm's way and the goods displayed in the case could be seriously damaged. When considering t…

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